Brilliant Advice From A Certified Talent Agent to Aspirants in The Entertainment Industry

Being a talent agent for several years, I’ve represented hundreds of actors and actresses for movies, TV shows, theater, voiceovers, and commercials. While everyone may dream of becoming a big star n the entertainment industry, this job is not for everyone.

If you’re an aspirant star, here are some things you should know by heart about your preferred career path.


If you aim to start a career in this industry, be prepared with amazing photos of yourself. Give any casting office an idea of what you look like, in different angles and looks.


As a talent agent, I won’t make money unless I get my clients their bookings. I want them to work hard and pay attention to suggestions and criticisms that will help build their careers. Most of all, there should be passion, at all times.


An audition is not a pedicure nor a haircut appointment. You have to come in as if it’s your top priority. Make us all feel that you want, love, and need to be it. Remember, each audition you attend is your opportunity to be signed. Your willingness to do everything possible should be there.

10% AGENT 90% YOU

Your booking agent will do everything possible to fight for your spot. You should do the same. We will bring you to casting calls, but what happens during the audition is all you. Please refrain from blaming your talent agents if you do not get signed. Work hard for it. Make the casting staff feel that no one else deserves the spot. Practice your lines, reinvent yourself, and make sure you’re not picky.

Getting callbacks is 90% your job and 10% your agent’s, not the other way around. Brace yourself and be ready, because there are a lot more others who want the same exposure. Put your heart, mind, and soul to it, and the rest will follow.