What are chords?Learn how to play chords on the piano simply read this rocket piano review. Chords are used all the time in playing the guitar. They are fascinating. If the guitarist plays the guitar, he is playing the guitar chords. If ever you have a song sheet, then you’ll find letter names which are on top of the melody all through the tune. These letter names by the way are the names of the chords and they are utilized in the song. They can either be played on the guitar or piano.

Learning how the chords are musically formed will help you understand more about music. It will also help you understand how the music is shaped. Chords also characterize the foundation of the musical system that we use today which is all about harmony. Chords that harmonize are the sounds which back all the favorite melodies that we love to listen to or sing over and over again.

How to Play Piano Chords  – Playing Chords

Having the ability or knowledge to play the piano chords will be of great benefit to you because you it will give you the chance to accompany your melodies or accompany other people whenever they sing in a cover band Melbourne. You’ll be able to play chords whenever a person plays along with you on their guitar.

How to Play Piano Chords  – Playing the Chord of C Major on the Piano

The C major doesn’t have black notes, thus it has no sharps or flats. So for now, you just have to accept that C major is a simple key to play in since it doesn’t use black notes.

Let’s see what the chord of C major appears like when it’s written on the stave, in the key of C.

The diagram (chord of C major) is written on the Treble Clef or also known as the G Clef. The first chord uses Middle C as root or also known as the tonic note while the second chord is still a C major chord however written one octave higher. You could see that the notes are shaped with one left out in between the notes which are played. One the treble clef, you’ll see the C note at the bottom and with a line through it. The next note is E which can be found in another line. The third note of the major chord on C is the G note.

How to Play Piano Chords  – Forming the Chord of F Major on the Piano

The key to playing the F Chord is the same when you are playing the C chord – the play a note, miss a note, play a note, miss a note routine – using the F note as the root or base. So in the right hand you’ll use the thumb on the F note. Using the left hand, you should place your little finger on the F then build the chord from there.

How to Play Piano Chords  – Right hand

The thumb should be on the F note. Then, miss the G note and play the A note using your third finger. Miss the B note then play the C note using your little finger, the fifth. Now there you have it. You have built the F chord using your right hand.

Now to play the F Chord using the left hand, put your little finger, the fifth, on the F note. The third finger of the left hand will now take the A note, the thumb of your left hand will take the C note at the top of the chord.


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