Our Discoveries


When discovering talents, Underworld Entertainment makes an effort to provide expert yet personalized service to our clients. We lead actors, comedians, and models to establish a robust framework for their success. We pave ways for our distinguished individuals to fame and financial progress in their preferred genres and develop them into well-rounded personalities who can jump from one stage to the other without extreme difficulties.

People have seen our talents shine on different mediums. On television, we are proud to have our discoveries visible on AMC, FYI, HBO, CBS, and other premium channels. Our models can be seen on commercial campaigns on print, online, and on-screen with their advertisement stints. We’ve worked with companies here and abroad. Our comedians, singers, and performers have rocked concerts and stages in the United States and international scene.

If you’re looking for a career in the industry and we haven’t discovered you yet, read our Services page and see which one fits you.