Secrets To Acing Your Auditions and Getting Signed for The Role

Going to audition can be nerve wrecking and downright scary. So to help ease your anxiety and be better at showcasing your talent, we’ve come up with a few helpful tips that can help you get that career.

Be Punctual in All Activities of the Event


Never be late. A day before the audition, drive by and inspect the surrounding parking areas of the studio and plan out your arrival. Be on site 10-20 minutes earlier than the said schedule, so you still have enough time to get mentally prepared. Also, if other activities will be required of you during this day, see to it that you’re present earlier than the said time.

Bring Everything Expected of You


Bring a hard copy of your resume and best photo to the audition whether you’ve been asked to do so or not. Judges want to see your experiences in theater, film, radio, TV, etc. Any pieces of training attended, and above all that they want to see how you look in a photo. You want to catch their attention by striking an impression that you’ve confidently prepared well for the audition.

Practice and Memorize your Lines


During this phase, you will most likely be asked to memorize a script and act the part out in front of the judges. Research words that are new to you and find out how they are pronounced correctly. Memorize your script by heart by practicing at home, with a friend, or by filming yourself with your phone or webcam. Most auditioners forget that this trick can significantly help identify flaws in their acting by watching and replaying the recording. This way, they can correct any mistakes before the actual audition.

Understand the Script and the Character


Casting directors look for distinct personalities among many auditioners that all look the same. So before getting on stage, read your script and note down the type of character you need to be. For instance, when the scene calls for someone brave and bold, do not step into a timid, shy type character. Avoid making the people in the studio uncomfortable by making them part of the scene and avoid making unnecessary noises like stomping your foot to indicate an impacting scenario.

Remember that an audition is your ticket to stardom. Do your best while you have the chance.