Taking Care of Your Precision Measuring Tools

For a machinist, you rely on your measuring tools to be true. Good care is critical to guarantee accuracy on a constant basis.  Here are a few ideas for taking good care of your precision measuring tools. Waugh’s Industrial Supplies provide highest quality of industrial tool supplies. When not being used, make certain to go back the calliper to its storage situation
Never dump or toss your calliper
Do not lay the calliper on the seat in which it may get banged around and damaged
Do not lay the calliper in any debris (metal grinding or chips grit)
Make certain to look at the calliper’s calibration occasionally and follow the manufacturer’s education for recalibrating if needed
Only apply your calliper on stationary pieces

Guard your dial callipers against dust that could get within the dial and cause incorrect readings
Don’t exceed the dimension selection of the calliper
Never tighten the micrometre while holding the thimble
Never discard or toss your micrometre on the seat
Do not lay the micrometre on the seat where it may obtain banged or damaged
Avoid putting the micrometre in steel chips, grinding grit or another kind of debris
Make certain to use the right micrometre for your program (as an instance, if you measure a piston having a diameter of 4.5″, use a micrometre using a measurement selection of 4.0-5.0 ins)
Remember your micrometres will be impacted by the heat of the hands and your environment so that they need to be used at room temperature and treated as little as possible
Never dump or toss your dial indicators or dial bore gauges on the seat
Consistently apply your dial indicators, and dial bore gauges in room temperature to prevent distortion from cold or heat
Assess the validity of your dial indicators and dial bore gauges occasionally and recalibrate as required
Always maintain the phial cover closed when you aren’t utilising the degree
You have to assess the degree of the degree periodically
Don’t drop or toss your flat on the seat
When not having your flat, make sure you store it where it is not going to be banged to or possess anything discard on it
Consistently apply your flat at room temperature to prevent distortion of this levelling bubble brought on by cold and heat
The last tip
“Place a clean, dry store towel on the seat and set the measuring instrument there as you are working with it. The store towel will cushion the measuring instrument and keep it clean. It’s also a fantastic sign to your co-workers they should not lay down something there.”

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